Together with our partnering office Wafaa in Palestine, Wafaa has brought about some important projects to support women in the region. The following photos showcase the projects that allow women to support their families and children, which in turn helps the entire society. We are hoping that we will be able to support even more people in their endevours to be financially fully independent, and are counting with support of our partners and donors in Austria and Europe. 

Braille printers for the visually impaired students in the Al-Qabas school in Ramallah

We would like to express our gratitude to the 1% for the Development Fund of the United Nations Organizations headquartered in Vienna for their financial support for the project Braille printers for the visually impaired students of the Al Qabas School for the visually impaired/Friends of the Blind Association. The project is aimed at helping the blind students to continue and finish their education with success. 

We would also like to thank our partner office Wafaa Palestine in Ramallah for their excellent effort and support in implementing this project. We are thrilled that this project has been implemented and are looking forward to working together on many more projects to come. 

Al Raheem association Kids with down syndrom



Helping kids with Down syndrome is one way of empowering marginalized groups in the society. Wafaa’s main goal is to empower women and children, it has adopted the rehabilitation of 10 kids with Down syndrome with USD5000. These kids are attending Al-Raheem Association in Ramallah.

Bakery at home

Nidaa is a widow and a mother of five children. Since the family had neither a provider nor a source of income, she thought of a way to help herself and her children from needing and depending on others. Nidaa decided to start making pastry and food in her house and selling it to her neighbours. Her project became successful and productive, but she needed to develop and expand it. She came to Wafaa and applied for a zero-interest loan. She obtained a loan of USD 3000 that she used in developing her kitchen. The loan has helped her to gain more income and to turn into a productive small business, which can provide her and her children a decent living.



Friends of the blind association

In accordance with one of Wafaa’s aims to help and support children with special needs in poor areas,Wafaa has provided 6 children with visual impairment, who are attending Friends of the Blind Association in Ramallah, with 6000 $ to buy Perkins printers. These printers help children to continue their life in as normal way as possible, and to continue their education, to read and to write in the same way as their peers without dissabilities.

Hydroponic farming

Nisreen is married and a mother of four. Her husband is the provider of the family, but his income is low and does not cover their needs. Nisreen has decided to create a project of hydroponic farming to help her family. Although she does not have a degree,  or formal education, with her strong will she educated herself and gained information about the project that turned into passion. In order to start with the project, she applied for a zero-interest loan with Wafaa. The loan has helped her to start and to make her dream come true. After the success of the project, the financial status of the family has improved significantly, and they have become productive members of the society.

Photography studio

Samah is a widow and a mother of four. After the death of her husband, his family took over his photography studio and offered her a low-income job. Samah has decided to open her own photography studio, to be independent and to improve her life conditions. She got a zero-interest loan from Wafaa, and started her project that became successful and productive. She turned into a powerful woman and mother, and she became able to provide for her orphans and lead a respectful life.