• November 23, 2019

Presentation on food safety for the members of Wafaa Association

10 February 2020

Wafaa Association would like to thank the wonderful Hana Alraai, our expert on food safety, for her presentation on safety guidelines when purchasing food. We would also like to thank our members who attended this event, for their active participation and interaction. 

Braille printers for the visually impaired students in the Al-Qabas School

8 February 2020

Wafaa Women Resources in Austria would like to say a huge thank you to the 1% for Development Fund of the United Nations Organizations headquartered in Vienna for their financial help and support. With it we were able to finance Braille printers for the visually impaired students of the Al-Qabas School for the visually impaired/Friends of the Blind Association. The project is aimed at helping the blind students to continue and finish their education with success.

We would also like to thank our partner office Wafaa Palestine in Ramallah for their excellent effort and support in implementing this project. We are thrilled that this project has been implemented and are looking forward to working together on many more projects to come!

Women beyond boundaries

4 February 2020

We have created a group of women within Wafaa Association under the title Women beyond boundaries. The plan is to hold various thematical events around all those important matters for women – be it psychological, physiological or social nature. In addition to that, we are planning to implement various activities to ease the integration into Austrian society. The first meeting of the group took place on 31 January 2020, and we discussed the aims, working plans, terms of participation, as well as submission of ideas for the upcoming activities. The first activity on 2 February 2020 was of sportive nature, and the ladies went on a hike in the Vienna area.   

Fourth Dialogue in cooperation with KAICIID

30 January 2020

Wafaa Association and King Abdullah‘s Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (KAICIID) have organized the Fourth Dialogue with the title Women and how they engage their strengths and creativity. It was a great day and we appreciate everyone’s participation and engagement. See you at the next Dialogue!