In the year 2019, Wafaa is celebrating 10 years of its existence and work in Austria. We are very proud to have established valuable and important relations with some of Austria’s most important organizations and NGO’s, such as Red Cross, Fem Süd, Volkshilfe, Peregrina and Caritas. In the following, you will see some photos created during many of the most important events in the previous years. Workshops and happenings organized with and by these organizations and Wafaa showcase some of our projects and cooperations. The support we have received by the Austrian NGOs has given us an enormous impetus and motivation to continue working together, and deepen and strengthen our cooperation.

Women Empowerment


Peregrina and Wafaa have been working together since 2014. Some of the workshops and lectures that both organizations worked on involved environment protection and self-development.

Working with Fem Süd

Fem Süd is another one of Wafaa’s longstanding and dear partners; the cooperation started back in 2014. Following workshops and projects have been carried out in cooperation:

  • Workshops & lectures on health;
  • Workshops for fitness and sports training;
  • Educational projects for girls;
  • Wafaa participation with Fem-Süd in Fem Vitaltag in 2015, 2016, 2018;
  • Intact-FGM Project;
  • Discover Vienna integration project;
  • Various consultations;
  • Training courses in self-defense.

Working with Red Cross

Wafaa’s cooperation with Red Cross Austria started in the year 2013. Following are some of the projects that were successfully organized by Wafaa and Red Cross.

  • Blood donation action;
  • Refugee project (Wir für Wien);
  • Dialogue workshops (Frauen im Dialog);
  • Cross talk workshops;
  • Frist-aid courses.

Working with Volkshilfe

Volkshilfe and Wafaa started their cooperation back in April 2014. One of the most successful projects we worked together on was Project Migrants and Health.

Working with Caritas

Caritas and Wafaa started their cooperation in 2014. We have worked together on donation of personal care supplies and blankets for displaced persons in August 2014 and carried out workshops on health and fitness in 2018 and 2019.

Working with Refugees

Outdoor activities

Wafaa Vienna regularly organizes various outdoor activities with its members. It helps the ladies feel involved in the work of Wafaa, as they get updated on the recent events and projects, and it presents a possibility for a succesful integration of women refugees and asylum seekers.

Working with Diakonie

Wafaa worked together with Diakonie in 2015 on these two projects:

  • School supplies distribution for refugee kids;
  • Gifts and food distribution for Eid celebration for refugee kids.